UX Optimization & Audits

The Approach
My extensive work in website development brought me to the world of user-experience. The two practices go hand in and hand. I have a special love for information architecture and guiding users to the end goal.

Why Focus on UX?
In 2021, Google plans to release new metrics in their algorithm. These metrics will measure the user-experience of websites. Google only shows how critically important user-experience has become. Poor user experience can prevent you from more conversions, more traffic, and even ranking on Google.

Roadmap Sessions (Like an Audit but Better!)
Most freelancers offer a free consultation call where they will hint at the things they can do for you. I'd rather give you maximum value now with a Roadmap Session.

Roadmap Sessions include an audit but it's an hour call where we create a game plan on how to reach your goals and address the audit. I'll fill you in on the technical know-how, secret hacks, and answer all your questions.

My roadmap sessions are to find the meaningful opportunities of improvement with measurable metrics such as lowering bounce rates, lengthening visitor's time on your site, increased conversions, faster load times, improved Google ranking, and safer, secure website. My goal is to empower you with an audit but with an understanding of what it means.

Why Hire Me?
I have worked in the advertising industry, leading web projects from start to finish. Graduating with a Bachelor's in Website Development, I've been building websites for a wide variety of clients ever since. I have worked with mom and pop shops, blogs, and big-name brands such as Margaritaville Family Resorts and Paul Piazza Shrimp.

Get Started

Schedule a Roadmap Session
The best way to get started is to send me an email about your website and schedule a meeting to discuss. Email me at paulinegorr@gmail.com. If you want to get the ball rolling, go ahead and book a roadmap session with me here! Once booked and confirmed, you will be invoiced $200.