Why Pinterest?

An Underestimated Traffic Source
Pinterest is probably the most misunderstood "social media" platform. While it's unfortunate, this also presents an opportunity for anyone who jumps into an unsaturated pool. View Pinterest as a search engine where people get inspired and ideas. Big brands who discovered Pinterest report incredible results. As this HubSpot article claims: Real Simple gets more traffic from Pinterest than Facebook.

My Results
Jaded Local
I started a Pinterest account for my Etsy shop, Jaded Local, last year (July 2019). I've seen fantastic results in managing this account for the past year. My studies and staying on top of the latest trends paid off.

Jaded Local's Pinterest analytics over the past year
Jaded Local has been a successful experience in gaining sustainable traffic to its blog and shop.

Eco Local
My second Etsy shop started in March 2020. With regular blog content and products to pin to Pinterest, my methods have been more streamline. Pink Pursuits, a blog started before summer 2020, has very similar results

Eco Local's Pinterest analytics over the past year
My Pinterest analytics since June 2020 shows a steady increase in engagement.

Pin Design Examples

Pinterest Account Management & Marketing

Jump-Start Your Traffic!
Get in touch with me via email at paulinegorr@gmail.com. I can manage Pinterest accounts, set up your Pinterest account, perform group-board outreach, and create click-worthy pin images. I also can make your website Pinterest-friendly!